A little about me

Hiya and welcome to my site. This is my first ever attempt to blog- so bear with me and forgive the many oops’s I’m about to make! I am extremely excited by life at the moment and cannot think of a better time to embrace the lovely big world out there.

Bodily, I am a fifty something slightly burned out modern woman who has tried to be all things to all people! Well I have learned two truths:

  1. It cannot be sustained
  2. The people I was trying to be superwoman for didn’t want this – they just wanted ….me!

You may already be familiar and comfortable with this truth – I am just catching up!

Anyway, in spirit I am a freshly created entity. Taking baby steps in a new and exciting world of wonder. Why? On reflection I have lived with low level depression since childhood but really only felt it’s bite in the last few years. However I am convinced that everything happens for a reason and much good has come from this experience. Like many I am not brave enough to make radical change without a huge prompt from the higher being I call God* to sit still for a moment and think about who I am and how I really want to contribute to this wonderful world rather than trying to be – yes the superwoman I thought I should pretend I am.hurray for being humbled. It has been such a blessing for me and has fired a consuming passion and deep longing to follow a life of creativity. Already this has done wonders to lift my spirit,my will and my mental wellbeing.

Here I want to thank the people whom I have already met on this wondrous journey who have been so supportive. Most I would not have encountered them except through online communities. It is now my turn to join them.What a privilege.

Bye the way- why the funny domain name? I dwell in possibility is the title of a poem by Emily Dickinson and is were I am at just now. Living in the moment, learning to listen to the world and beginning to find my voice to sing with it… Join me if this this stirs anything in you..

* God is my personal for of higher being but when I say this I mean it in terms of spirituality not religion and I believe that whether we aspire to nature, humanism or religious higher entities to bring meaning to our lives I believe that they are all parts of one greater spirituality and don’t mean to offend anyone.